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This Saturday, 4/20! Your Guild needs YOU!

'The key to our success rests in people like you,

who embody the spirit of greatness by saying,

“Yes I can, and so can you!”

Thanks for your inspiring dedication

and tremendous example to the world.'

-Author Unknown


Band, Orchestra, Color Guard- We need every family to help Saturday, 4/20!

Saturday, April 20th is WGASC Championships. It truly is an honor to be the chosen school for this event and the money we earn through concessions and ticketing benefits ALL of our OMG programs (Orchestra, Band and Color Guard)!

We need YOU to help run the event.

Our Color Guard team will likely be performing at another location in the evening if they make finals, which they are on track to do! That means we will need extra people especially in the afternoon and evening.


Again, we are asking that each family donates 1 case (2 12-packs) of Soda, as well as 1 package or batch of Baked Goods individually wrapped.

List for Drink donations by last name:

Please bring to M-1 by Thursday, April 18.

A-E: Dr. Pepper

F-K: Sprite/Squirt

L-N: Coke/Pepsi

O-S: Arizona Fruit Teas

T-Z: Root Beer

Freshly Baked Goods can be delivered Friday afternoon to MPR or Saturday morning to the Gym.  Please put them into individual bags.

If Every Family can help out this event can run smoothly!

It is a long competition day with many school teams coming in and out, so we especially need help with parking.

Do you like food?

Help at concessions or bake sale!

Do you like talking to people?

Work at our ticketing station.

Willing to drive around and pick stuff up throughout the day?

Be a runner!

Color Guard families will help out most of the day at both HBHS and when CG goes to finals.

We are asking Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band families to sign up for at least 1 shift.

All Students are expected to sign up for at least 1 shift as well.

Please wear a Huntington Beach High School Shirt if you have one.  

We really do appreciate everybody's help.

These fundraisers help pay for:

competition entry fees: Cost $300-$400 each

staff salaries: Cost $3000-$5000/month

seasonal costumes: Cost $1500-$3000

Just purchased drums for Drumline

Among many other expenses the Guild provides to support our kids. 

Thank you everybody for helping make this event successful.

Cielito Locsin- Tournament Chairperson

And your OMG Board

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