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The Oiler Music Guild (OMG) is a non-profit organization supporting music and performing arts students at Huntington Beach High School (HBHS) and the Academy of the Performing Arts (APA.) 


Programs supported by the OMG are the HBHS Marching Band, Color Guard, Drumline, Jazz Band and the APA Orchestra.  If your student is involved in our program, we kindly ask that you donate needed supplies and volunteer your time. This organization cannot function without the time and effort of our amazing parent volunteers. 

OMG supports our talented students throughout the year. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Oiler Music Guild's mission is to provide support for our Marching Band (Wind Ensemble, Drumline, Jazz Band), Color Guard (Winter Guard), and APA Orchestra programs to make them as great as they can be! Fundraising goes towards providing Specialists for all of our programs which help give the students the most excellent education and opportunities possible. OMG also helps fund events, festivals, competitions, uniforms, music, and so much more!


Help us by Volunteering

Help support your student by volunteering your time throughout the year. This can be accomplished by donating needed supplies or helping with band uniforms, outfits, snack bar donations, transportation, chaperones and more. 

We Need Your Support Today!

  • What do students need to participate in band?
    Students need an instrument. Instruments are typically provided by each family. Instruments can be purchased or rented from private sources. A few instruments may be available to rent from HBHS music department, subject to limited supply
  • What do students wear to participate in band?
  • Is performance wear available through the HBHS music department?
  • How often do band students practice?
  • How often do band students perform?
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