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Crafty Parent- Winter Guard Prop Help!

Color Guard is in need of some crafty parents to help build some props for their Winter Guard competition show. Rhonda would like an old movie camera and an oversized clapboard. Comment on this blog and let us know if you have woodworking tools or are willing to help in any way! Thanks!!

Message from Rhonda below pictures.

From Rhonda-

I am most hopeful for getting a prop camera built. It should be on a tripod type base and stand tall enough for a student to look in. All parts just need to look like a camera but dont need to move. Everything should be painted in blacks, silvers, greys so its authentic to the time period. Tara and I think we can make a clapboard, although we might need some with a saw to cut the pieces for us. 

I can be at Thursdays meeting so I can explain more then as well. 

Thank you! 

Rhonda Choat

HBHS Colorguard Coach

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