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Color Guard Schedule- Week of 11/12

Color Guard Schedule

  • Monday: n/a

  • Tuesday: n/a

  • Wednesday: class till 5

  • Thursday: n/a

  • Friday: class till 5

  • Saturday: Tournament at HBHS. Call time for leadership is 10am. Everyone @11am.

Upcoming Events Parents, please sign up to volunteer at the tournament. We need all hands on deck! Tara and I will be working in staging all day. #ittakesavillage

  • All student’s families are expected to donate at least 1 case (2 12-packs) of drinks for Saturday’s event. Please bring to M-1 by Thursday 11/16. Donations are by last name:

    • A-C: Dr. Pepper

    • D-G: Water

    • H-K: Sprite/Squirt

    • L-N: Coke/Pepsi

    • O-R: Arizona Fruit Teas

    • S-T: Diet Coke

    • U-Z: Root Beer

Looking ahead…no rehearsal Thanksgiving week. In case your student didn't share, the winter guard schedule is in the Drive.

Additional Notes for Parents/Students

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