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APA Orchestra Updates and Schedule- Week of 5/27

APA Orchestra Schedule and Updates

Monday is Memorial Day! Wind Ensemble and Color Guard will be performing at the HB Memorial Day Ceremony at Pier Plaza starting at 10am. Come watch this wonderful ceremony honoring the amazing individuals who gave their lives for our country. We need a few parents to drive kids from HBHS to Pier Plaza and back with their instruments. Call time is 9:30 am to meet at HBHS to get instruments/music and a ride. 10:15 am call time to be at Pier Plaza. The ceremony should wrap up around noon.


Click this link if you can help out! 

All of our programs had their photos take this past Monday. If you missed the opportunity to pre-order, you can still order online! Below is the link where you can view and purchase photos before we send in the initial order.

This link will be open until 5/30/24.

Password 9152

This link will close on 5/30/24

Most Valuable Photographers


It's HBHS Awards Season! Do you have all of the dates on your calendar for when your child might be receiving an award. You would/will be notified if your child is receiving an award.


5/28- Mayor Spotlight Award- Color Guard being honored

6/4- Distinguished Oiler Ceremony- Senior Recognitions (Jazz Big Band Performing)

6/6- OMG Annual Awards Banquet- Tickets

6/8- APA Academy Awards- Contact APA Office ASAP for Tickets

Our Annual OMG Banquet is approaching quickly and it can happen without support from all of you!

This is a super fun family event where we celebrate all of our Seniors as well as any individual awards that our kids have earned. We hope everyone can join us!

We especially need your help to...

Upload your OMG Photos for our slideshow!

Help with the event!

See more about our Banquet below and on our website.


Deadline to buy tickets is quickly approaching!

APA Orchestra Schedule and Updates


APA Orchestra- 5/27-31


Congratulations to all the students who performed in the honors recital last Tuesday, as well as the performances in band for Jazz Cabaret and Tower Awards!


We have a quiet week ahead, but we have our Senior+ recital tentatively scheduled for the following Tuesday, June 4th. With the completion of the recital, though, we are done with performances!


Adv. and Chamber orchestra will meet together next Thursday for some sight-reading to finish off the year of rehearsals, and we have our banquet and Academy Awards quickly approaching. 


Tuesday, May 28th


1:30 p.m.

Room opens for practice


6:30 p.m.

Room closed


Thursday, May 30th


1:30 p.m.

Room opens


2:00 p.m.

Pianos 1 and 2 (final meeting!)


3:15 p.m.

Adv. and Chamber Orchestra (last rehearsal/sightreading)


4:15 p.m.

End of rehearsal


Upcoming Events


  • Tuesday, June 4th (time, location TBD): Senior+ Recital

  • Thursday, June 6th: OMG banquet

  • Saturday, June 8th: APA Academy Awards


Additional Notes for Parents/Students


-Tickets for the APA Academy Awards are now on sale! We’d love as much participation as possible from the Orchestra program. Tickets need to be requested through the APA Office ASAP, and invitations for student award winners should arrive in the mail shortly. 

- Additionally, OMG banquet tickets can be be purchased at from now till May 31st! We’d love to have all of you there to recognize the incredible achievements of the Orchestra, Band, and Color Guard students.

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