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Winter Guard Schedule and Updates - Week of 4/8

Winter Guard Schedule and Updates

 OMG Meeting this Thursday, 4/11! 

We hope to see all of your beautiful faces there so you can hear from our directors and student leadership about what's happening in OMG!


Thank you so much to everyone who helped at the WGASC competition on March 30th. And thank you to everyone who baked, brought in sodas, and loaned us your canopies, ice chests, and crock pots. It was quite an adventurous day with the wind and rain. Everyone played a big part to make the whole day run as smoothly as possible and it was a success!


Here we go again! We are hosting the WGASC Championships on April 20th. This is a big event and helps fund ALL of our OMG programs! We need volunteers to help run the event.

Our Color Guard team will likely be performing at another location in the evening if they make finals, which they are on track to do! That means we will need extra people especially in the afternoon and evening.


 All of our programs have lots of events coming up and we always need volunteers! Click the link below to see our upcoming Drumline, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and Color Guard events and find out how you can help!

We are looking for parents to hold positions in the 2024-2025 Oiler Music Guild Board and Chairperson positions.  We are especially looking for Tournament Chairpersons. We will be having nominations during the April 11 meeting and elections are on May 1, 2024.  Please contact Heather Lopez, our Parliamentarian, at if you would like to get involved.

Current OMG Happenings


  • OMG meetings for the rest of the year: 

  • April 11- Thursday, Peter present

  • May 1- Wednesday, Austin present

  • June 6- Thursday, Banquet, Senior Center

Schedule- 4/8-12


  • Wednesday: class till 3:30

  • Friday: 5:30-8:30 with Mr Floyd



Upcoming Events

  • April 29th - Drumline/Color Guard Showcase

Additional Notes for Parents/Students


-A photographer got some amazing shots of our girls at the last competition. Check them out here.

- At our March 30th competition, our Color Guard finished 1st, but got a second place trophy due to a penalty for taking too long to set up. We are currently sitting at the top of the SAAA (55 groups!).

-Below is a link to our Google calendar. We update the calendar weekly. All competitive events are also listed. If you would like a pdf of the calendar, please email me

-Please pay your donations for Winter Guard. It pays for the Specialists, costumes, props, and equipment.  It is tax deductible.

-If you haven't paid your transportation fee, please do so with the link below. This pays for our buses when we travel to competitions throughout the year.

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