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Spirit Wear & 1st Week of School

Welcome to an exciting new year! Lots of new activity, new teachers and a new and exciting website.

#1 Check your Emails that you should be receiving from Omgpresident

#2 Sign up on our website to receive these newsletters and emails.

#3 Sprit Wear now on Sale. All orders must be completed September 10th. Check out our new selection including a NEW Parent Volunteer shirt and for the 1st time APA Orchestra T-shirt and sweatshirts.

#4- Follow us on Social Media to keep on on our activities.

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Just placed order! :) It took me a while to find the link of the spirit wear was on the main page. I thought it was in the shop and clicked the "Shop" link first, but I didn't see the spirit wear there. Finally, I found the link was on the main page right under the group picture. Is it possible to add it in the shop, too? I appreciate for all your hard work!

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