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Color Guard Schedule- Week of 10/15

10/20 football game against Los Al. Also senior night and middle school night. Lots of volunteer spots available.

10/21 First competition at Capistrano Valley High School. We need some volunteers for this as well!

Color Guard Schedule


  • Class till 5. We will be working on our last halftime #. This will be our last Monday rehearsal for the fall.


  • Stadium rehearsal 6-9. #s 1,3,4,5,6,8,9 will start rehearsal at 5:30.


  • Class till 4:30


  • Class till 4:15.

  • Call time for the game is 5:30 for seniors and 5:45 for non seniors.


  • 10:00am Call time for the Color Guard.

  • 1:30 Lunch

  • 2:15 Load Trucks and Buses

  • 3:30 Leave for Capo Valley High School

  • 4:30 Arrive, change into uniforms, and unload

  • 5:30 Head to warm-up area

  • 5:55 Warm-up in the lot

  • 7:00 Perform!

  • 8:50 Awards

  • Around 10:30 ETA @ HBHS, unload truck

  • 11:00 Dismissed

Additional Notes for Parents/Students

  • Reminder: All members need black split sole jazz shoes and black gloves for competition. Undergarment requirements were discussed with students as well.

  • This week is a big week! We start off with Senior Night and Middle School Night at Friday’s football game vs. Los Al. Everyone will meet at 5:15 and get dressed into uniform, and we will be having Senior Night at 6:00. Non-seniors will head into the stands to watch as we honor our Marching Band and Color Guard Seniors. We will be joined by Dwyer’s band in the stands who will be playing pep tunes with us! Marching Band and Color Guard will then perform the 1st movement from our Competitive Show, Pathways, at half time.

  • Senior Night! We invite all of our Senior parents and families to come participate in or observe this event to honor your kids.

  • Saturday is the Marching Band and Color Guard’s first Competition at Capistrano Valley High School. Color Guard will be meeting at the high school at 10am.

  • All Color Guard students need to pay Transportation Fees through ASB. You can go to the Huntington Beach High School Website and click on the ASB store.

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