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Champs Success- Thank You!

A Message from

Catherine Spinowitz, Champs Chair

and Jennifer Stroh, VP of Marching Band

Hello amazing OMG families! We did it! We had a hugely successful Champs event with only a few little hiccups and it was an enormous fundraising success all thanks to you! Your donations, volunteer time, running around town, going to one area only to be told you're needed in another and doing it with a smile, flexibility, patience, and support are what made all of this happen! The stadium has rarely been as packed as we had it yesterday (Did you see the photo at the top?!)!

We truly have an amazing OMG community. We are in awe and amazed at how much our parents and kids pour into this program. Those who were there worked themselves to the bone and we hope you all got to rest and recover today! Every single person who helped was instrumental in making this event happen and you should all be proud!

We have only a few more things that need to be taken care of so we can wrap up Champs until next year. We're asking for help tomorrow morning, Monday, 11/20 from 9-11 am from kids and families to come help organize and put away everything that goes into storage. And we are hoping that anyone who donated items (canopies, ice chests, crock pots) will be able to pick them up during that time as well. Let's push through this last thing so we can enjoy our time with our families the rest of this week!

We are all so very grateful for each and every band, orchestra, and color guard family. Thank you for everything you do to make our program great!

If you are unable to make it tomorrow to pick up your borrowed stuff and need it this week, please let us know and we can get it to you.

Thank you again!

Kindest Regards,

Jennifer Stroh

VP of Marching Band


Catherine Spinowitz

Champs Chair

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