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USC / HBHS Band Day Agenda

USC Day Timeline

6:00 AM - Students meet at HBHS

  • Grab uniform bags

  • Gather instruments and music/ Color Guard equipment

6:30 AM - Load onto buses

  • Make sure everyone has their uniform bag/instrument/music/lunches/water. Color Guard bring flag.

6:45 AM - Leave for USC

7:30 AM - Arrive at USC/Felix Field

  • Buses drop off near Felix Field on McClintock Ave. Color Guard goes to Brittingham Field. Buses leave for the Coliseum Green Lot where they must stay the rest of the day.

  • Students must bring everything with them except cases. They should bring their instrument, music, uniform bag, lunches, etc. Guard bring flags.

8:00 AM - Call Time at Felix Field/Brittingham Field

8:30 AM - Rehearsal w/ TMB

10:00 AM - Rehearsal concludes

  • Gather students, and begin walking to Hahn Plaza

~10:30 AM - Arrive Hahn Plaza

  • Store equipment in a central location with a parent, and meet up with alumni for a quick campus tour around Hahn Plaza.

  • Christian Solano? Sofia Pollacchi? Terry Cowley?

~11:15 AM - Lunch time! Have students grab their lunch at USC Village.

  • Couple of parents stay w/stuff at Hahn Plaza

12:00 -Walk back to Hahn Plaza

12:15 PM - Start walking towards the South Lawn/Coliseum.

  • Probably want to leave sooner if the kids are done eating.

12:30 PM - Begin changing into uniforms in bathrooms near South Lawn.

  • Start changing into full uniforms.

  • Couple of parents return to the bus and load wagons

1:30 PM - Call Time at Coliseum

  • Enter at Gate 19, directly across from the South Lawn.

  • Walk to sections 201, 202, 301, 302 where we will be sitting. Seating is open, up to us.

  • Concessions are open, but students should not be eating in their whites.

3:30 PM - Game Starts

~5:00 PM - Halftime!!

  • Leave seats with 10:00 left in the second quarter.

  • Enter the field level via the Coliseum Peristyle steps.

  • Once the clock hits 0, move quickly to the sideline.

  • TMB only plays Super Mario Medley.

  • Following the opener, there will be a whistle and all bands will come on the field.

  • Once on the field, everyone will perform the two songs.

  • At the conclusion, there will be a whistle and bands will exit the field towards the press box.

~5:30 PM - Post halftime

  • Return to the stands where students will grab their uniform bags and change out of their uniforms.

  • Students are encouraged to eat at concessions before the end of the game.

  • Make sure students use the restroom.

7:30 PM - Game Concludes

  • Collect all belongings and exit out of Gate 4 towards the Green Lot.

  • Find buses in the Green lot and distribute snacks to students before boarding the bus.

~8:00 PM - Leave for HBHS

  • As soon as we are all ready and loaded up, depart for HBHS.

~9:00 PM - Arrive at HBHS

  • Unload instruments/equipment

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